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Great Fun in Camden, Alabama!

The small town of Camden, Alabama, holds a big treasure – the Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center. I visited with their staff, patrons, and book club on Thursday, June 16, for a wonderful lunch (yummy chicken salad is one of my faves), author chat and book discussion, and a book signing. Oh, and I did a little shopping in the fantastic gift shop, too!

The day started with my sisters and I heading out for the two hour trip to Camden. At least fifteen years have passed since we’ve had four hours just to talk, what with work, kids, and husbands. The time in the car was such a blessing! I must spend more time with these beautiful women!



After a catered lunch, we settled into the center’s art room for the author chat & book club discussion. Every seat was filled with a few more standing along the walls. I’ve never heard others read my text aloud, and I must confess I loved the sound! What an honor to be in front of such a loving and attentive audience!


A Full House!



Weird faces & gestures while I speak. I should work on that.


A little "Inside the Actors' Studio" in Camden with rapid-fire questions from the wonderful Elaine - my favorite part of the chat.

A little “Inside the Actors’ Studio” in Camden with rapid-fire questions from the wonderful Elaine – my favorite part of the chat.

After the chat, we returned to the Gift Shop and Museum for a book signing complete with a dessert table full of treats made with love by the museum staff and book club members. The line was long – a dream come true for any author!

So many lovely women from the University of Montevallo came to the event. Most of these women I haven’t seen in 15-20 years, but no celebration in central Alabama is complete without U of M represented!


Montevallo friends!

What’s with the thumbs-up and peace sign gestures, you ask? Well, whenever two or more Montevallo alum and former students are together, one question is asked:  Gold or Purple? This allegiance is as, if not more, important than Auburn or Alabama, the two sides of the Iron Bowl. So, of course, we had to have a little College Night fun. I do believe Gold won the day. If you are completely confused, search Montevallo College Night in Google. The oldest running college tradition in the U.S. is also, in my opinion, the best!


What’s it gonna be? A GV!

At the end of the day, with well over forty books signed, countless hugs given and received, and treasures purchased, my sisters and I hit the road back to Mobile. To Kristin and the whole team at the Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were beyond gracious and marvelous!  Let’s do it again someday!