Jubilee Bells

Every human being faces loss. Every family is vulnerable. Every nation could crumble. What matters is the aftermath.

Coming April 2017…

In the aftermath of a catastrophic cyber terrorism attack on the United States, Jules Martin Jones is left a widow. Forced to evacuate the home she had shared with her husband Jacob, she retreats to her childhood home in Bellefountaine, Alabama, on the shores of Mobile Bay. Alongside her family, she becomes caught in the growing war between a powerful militia and a weakened U.S. Army. Surrounded by devastation and immersed in grief, Jules meets the person who could make her whole again. Will she recognize the love she needs? Will she be able to save her family before everything and everyone she loves is destroyed?

Writing Jubilee Bells was a long journey, one that still continues, but inspiration for the novel came easily.  All I did was walk out my parents’ front door.

View from my parents' front porch

View from my parents’ front porch

Mobile Bay will always have a place in my heart, so I had to set a novel on its beautiful water and shores.

My childhood playground

My childhood playground

As a child, the bay was filled with magical places.

The Middle Bay Lighthouse in Mobile Bay

The Middle Bay Lighthouse in Mobile Bay

And mysterious places, such as Pelican Island in the middle of the bay.  How can a place so beautiful be so harsh?  I still loved exploring the island though, even with the biting flies and swarming birds.

Pelican Island

Pelican Island

As a child, I was blessed to grow up a “bay rat.”  As an adult, I visit as often as I can, even if the visit is only in my imagination and memory.



One Thought on “Jubilee Bells

  1. Beth Cain on April 4, 2015 at 9:52 am said:

    Love these pictures!
    Can’t wait to read your new book Jubilee Bells.
    Can not imagine how it can be better than “The Woods at Barlow Bend” I love this book !
    Read it three times and
    will probably read it again and cry all the way through it again. love your style of writing.

    Can’t wait for Jubilee Bells!

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