Calling All Book Clubs!


The wine is chilled, the cheese is stinky, now all you need are questions.  Fret no more.  I have you covered.

Suggested questions for book clubs:

1.  How did you experience Hattie’s story?  Did you find her compelling?  Was her plight worthy of exploration?

2.  What did you take away from Hattie and Hubbard’s relationship?  What effect did that relationship have on Hattie’s future actions?

3.  Do you think Hubbard was guilty?  If so, of what?

4.  Describe your feelings toward Hubbard’s treatment of Millie after the trial.  Do you agree with his actions?

5.  Describe the significance of the inscription on Addie’s headstone:  “Mother.”  What do you think of the lack of the word “wife?”

6.  Do you agree with Hattie’s decision to elope with Gordon?  What do you think of her decision to never date or marry again after losing him at such a young age?  What would you have done in her position?

7.  What parts or passages from the book did you find most appealing?  Least appealing?

8.  Did you find the ending satisfying?

9.  If you could ask me one question about the book, what would that question be?

And remember, I am available to Skype with your book club!  We’ll laugh.  We’ll chat.  Oh, what a time we will have!

Use the comment section below to start an online discussion of Hattie’s story.  Until we meet (virtually) again.  Tootles!

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