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In 2011, Jodie Cain Smith finally figured a few things out. First, ten years of changing careers every time she and her active duty Army husband moved had turned her resume into a Bravo reality series, but no TV producers came calling to film “My Big Fat American Job History.” Secondly, she realized the lack of control she had over her life had left the scars of chaos no amount of camouflage could cover. Thirdly, she had stories to tell. Oh, yeah, she’s got stories. Lastly, the stress of being unsatisfied with her career path, or circle, or crazy tangents, was causing an 11 to appear on the bridge of her nose.

Jodie Cain Smith


It was time for drastic measures! Jodie resigned her directorship with the Department of the Army Civilian Service, and said the unthinkable out loud, “I’m going to become an author!” Three years later, Jodie’s debut novel, The Woods at Barlow Bend, was published by Deer Hawk Publications, She was finally living according to her motto, “If you don’t like your station in life, change it!”


Jodie draws on her crazy life as an Army Wife, the tough women in her past and present, childhood memories of her family home on Mobile Bay, and her beloved Alabama for inspiration.

View from my parents' front porch

View from Jodie’s childhood home

For The Woods at Barlow Bend, Jodie chose to tell the story of her grandmother’s adolescence and early adulthood. Watch the trailer here!

For more on The Woods at Barlow Bend and how it came to be, check out this snippet from the August 2015 issue of Southern Writers Magazine.


Now, rather than writing memorandums and operating orders, Jodie creates fiction. She dives into the worlds she designs, relishing in their familiarity, like a bear hug from the family she missed for so many years.

That is to say she writes when she is not hanging out with her boys. Anyone who ever thought that a baby wouldn’t change everything is a lying-to-herself fool! Jodie should know. She looks at one in the mirror every day! Jodie welcomed her greatest writing distraction in February 2015.

Jodie with her family

Jodie with her family

Jodie would love to share her stories with you. To schedule a signing, author chat, conference, or event, email her at

For Book Club Skype or FaceTime talks, email Jodie at She loves chatting with book clubs and may even pop open a bottle of chardonnay herself!

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To download her full bio, click on Jodie Cain Smith Bio.



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